If this installation is a replacement of Duraflex equipment, and anchors, studs or inserts are already in place, proceed to the section on installing with existing anchors.

The following installation is for Hilti stainless steel inserts only. Other installation methods vary from the procedure outlined here and are beyond the scope of these instructions.


  1. Consult architectural drawings and any other planning documentation to determine the required location for the diving board stand. The stand location must follow FINA, NCAA or USA Diving dimensions.
  2. Mark the centerline location on the edge of the pool. Using this mark as a starting point, mark a centerline at least 10 feet long perpendicular to the pool edge. Use the 3-4-5 rule to square the centerline with the pool. This centerline will be the primary reference for the stand and ladder installation procedures.
  3. A layout template is included with purchase of a new stand, packed inside the shipping crate. This template provides the layout for correct hole placement for the inserts. Lay the template on the deck surface and line up the centerline on the template with the centerline, while aligning the “edge of pool” shown on the template with the physical edge of the pool.
  4. Transfer the mounting locations on the template to the pool deck.
  5. Remove the template and place the stand components onto the marked locations on the pool deck to ensure that all hole locations on the template line up with the mounting holes on the equipment.
  6. Remove the stand equipment from the template.
  7. Install anchors.


The anchor must not extend above the pool deck. The anchor may be up to 1/4” below the surface, but assure that the mounting bolts will engage at least 5-6 threads into the anchor after all shims are in place.