Multi-Purpose Stand Assembly Bolt – SF105

Includes the following:

(1) 3/8″ x 1 1/4″ aluminum hex head bolt

(1) 3/8″ aluminum hex nut

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Used to attach Double Rail Supports to Fulcrum Boxes on all stand models, cross-plates to the Main Support frame on One-Meter and Three-Meter Stands and to attach the Aluminum Rail Bracket (left or right) to Short Stand Anchor Fittings (for stands with Duraflex handrails) to attach rail tubing. These anchor fittings have pre-drilled holes for mounting Double Rail Supports and Aluminum Rail Brackets.

Items are not sold separately.

Heads of these bolts are painted. We recommend ordering a Buff Touch-Up Paint Kit – MP105 to coat the threads and nut after installation.

We recommend ordering a PM211 Bolt Lubricant for installation.

This item is included in the Left Aluminum Rail Bracket – C400L, Right Aluminum Rail Bracket– C400R, Left Front or Right Rear Double Rail Support – C101 and Rail Support – C102.

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