Short Stand Anchor Fitting (for stands with Duraflex Handrails) – SS500

Includes the following:

(1) Short Stand Anchor Fitting

(1) Left Aluminum Rail Bracket (pre-installed) – C400L
(1) Right Aluminum Rail Bracket (pre-installed) – C400R


Deck Mount Hardware:
(3) 2 1/2″ Deck Installation Bolts – SF127
(3) 5/8″ Deck Installation Washers – SF138
(3) 3/4″ Deck Installation Washers – SF139

(1) Half Round Shim Set – MP107-R-1/2
(1) Threadlocker – AD110

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Rear Anchor Fitting on Short Stands with Duraflex Handrails – SSWR

Includes pre-drilled holes for mounting Double Rail Supports – C101 & C102 and Aluminum Rail Brackets – C400L & C400R. Aluminum Rail Brackets come pre-installed.

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