Diving Boards

Maxiflex Model B

Part # 66-231-330

The 16’ Maxiflex model B (also called the Maxi-B) is the diving board that is used in all major competition diving events in the world. Universities that have a diving program have the Maxi-B diving boards, as do many high schools. The Maxi-B is lighter in weight, and is said to give a slightly quicker action in the hurdle-step. Divers who practice on the Maxi-B are accustomed to this action, and do not want to adjust to a different timing when they compete away from their practice facility. Read more…

16’ Duraflex

Part # 66-231-326

The 16’ Duraflex is used for recreational diving in commercial pools such as City pools, YMCA pools and other pools that conform to FINA, USA Diving and/or NCAA dimensional requirements. Find the latest FINA dimensions on the FINA website at https://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/finafacilities_rules.pdf  Read more…

14’ Duraflex

Part # 66-231-324

The 14’ Duraflex diving board is used for recreational diving in pools that have diving-well dimensions conforming to FINA, USA Diving, and/or NCAA dimensional requirements. Read more…

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