Duraflex Heritage

A vision turned into a legacy

Duraflex founder, Raymond C. Rude, gave his company the legacy of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and processes, ensuring the highest quality of diving products. When manufacturing equipment did not exist for his purposes, Mr. Rude would make the equipment himself. That equipment served Duraflex and the sport of diving well.

Today, Duraflex has transformed into an industry production leader

We are challenged to design higher, faster, stronger products to meet athletes’ desires to do more. Duraflex continues to make large investments in CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) equipment. From the CNC router to the robotic paint booth, Duraflex is utilizing the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment available today.

Our company has evolved on a solid foundation

The Duraflex Plant has undergone a transformation from the equipment developed by Ray Rude, to the most refined equipment needed for precision manufacturing. All of this improvement is designed to create Duraflex boards and stands that will generate the additional lift and energy needed for today’s high degree of difficulty dives. 

As a result of our commitment to provide the Diving World with the best elite performance equipment possible today and in the future, the diving boards and stands that we ship are made to exact specifications. While Mr. Rude might not recognize his manufacturing facility today, we know he would be proud with the results.

“We are challenged to design higher, faster, stronger products to meet athletes' improving standards”
Producing boards that help champions take off
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