Diving Board Refinishing

Attention: Duraflex no longer offers refinish services directly. Please make sure to read ALL of the information provided below.

Replace the slip-resistant surface on your diving board before a slipping accident occurs.

The length of time before refinishing becomes necessary depends on the amount and kind of traffic, care in handling and storage, environmental conditions and following the maintenance instructions.

If the diving board is slippery, take it out of service immediately and contact a Duraflex dealer for refinishing.

Charges for Refinishing include a Board bolt kit & new Rubber Channels.

If the board has a non-factory coating on it, we may be unable to remove that coating. You must remove any rubber-based adhesive. You will be notified if we are unable to complete the refinishing of a board.

There will be an extra charge to replace the anchor angle or tip-end cap, if necessary.

Examine your board carefully for gouges and cracks. Duraflex will not refinish any board with any cracks, excessive corrosion, structural damage due to improper installation, or excessive material applied to the board, including (but not limited to) paint of any kind.

We require the board in our factory for approximately 4-6 weeks.

As of January 1st, 2019, Duraflex International has implemented a new refinish policy. The new policy is as follows:

Duraflex will no longer offer refinish services directly. Refinish services must be purchased and arranged through a Duraflex dealer.

Duraflex will not refinish any board with the following issues:

  • Any cracks in the ribs, surface, slots, or torsion box.
  • Excessive corrosion anywhere on the board.
  • Structural damage due to improper installations, handling or any other reason.
  • Excessive material applied to the board including paint of any kind.

Duraflex will not cut two-inches off the back of boards with excessive corrosion. Cutting two inches off the board changes the length and will cause performance differences and may affect FINA tolerances.

Duraflex will not refinish boards with excessive droop. Excessive droop happens when a board takes a permanent downward bend largely due to trampolining the board. Because FINA no longer allows a minus dimension in board-to-water height, anything over one-inch droop will be considered excessive. Exceptions to refinishing boards with excessive droop may be made under the following conditions only:

  • A signed agreement is made between Duraflex, the customer and the dealer stating that the customer and the dealer realizes the potential for destroying the board in trying to fix the permanent set (droop). This agreement will request Duraflex to proceed, and release Duraflex from any liability in case of board destruction during the process. This agreement is included on the Refinish Sign-Off.
  • Duraflex will not attempt to correct a board with a permanent set (droop) if there are any cracks, structural damage, or excessive corrosion.

Photos may be required prior to shipping to Duraflex for refinishing.

A copy of this new policy can be downloaded here: New Refinish Policy

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