Right Front or Left Rear Double Rail Support – C102

Includes the following:

(1) Right Front or Left Rear Double Rail Support

(6) Multi-Purpose Stand Assembly Bolts & Nuts – SF105
(1) Hinge Bolt & Nut – SF106 

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New product number! Previously C102A.

Requires Handrail Questionnaire

Rail Supports are custom-fit to a Fulcrum Box in the factory. Therefore, it may be difficult to line up the rail sockets on an existing Fulcrum Box in the field without factory equipment. Please note, excessive bending of a Rail Support may cause it to break.

(5) Multi-Purpose Stand Assembly Bolts & Nuts – SF105 are required per Double Rail Support. (1) additional is included.

(1) Hinge Bolt & Nut – SF106 is included to be used in place of the SF105 if a longer bolt is required due to a thicker Rail Support casting.

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